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We recently received an inspection from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.. You may need to make some changes to the way you winterrize your cabin in order to be in compliance. Please see this page of explanation.

Click here to visit an open letter to the membership from our President, Robert Bocock. It's an important one.

Our next board meeting Agenda can be found by going to the Agenda page.
Our next board meeting Schedule can be found by going to the Current News page
The Minutes for our previous meetings can be found on the
Meeting Minutes page.

Our next board meeting is scheduled for the 9th of May, 10 a.m. at Robert Bocock's cabin. Our meetings are from May to September.

Please see our For Sale page to learn about a lots/cabins for sale.

Our water system will be shut down by the end of September. Various water lines and tanks will be emptied during the third and fourth weeks of September. Weather will have an affect on this timeline. You should have water in your own tank for this time of year. We plan on having our system up and running sometime during May of next year

Please click here to see pictures of our latest potluck dinner at the Starkeys on Saturday the 30th, 2014

Our winter security man is Ken Pfalmer. If you have a problem or concern over the winter please contact him at 719-846-4126 or 719-680-4127. His email is kenneth.pfalmer@hotmail.com
Make sure you update phone and email information so he can contact you if necessary.

There is a new place in Trinidad for recycling. We want to encourage members to take advantage of it. It's called Terra Firma and it's located near the landfill. see http://terrafirmarecycling.com/index.html

The water cabin is now available for members to rent. It sleeps as many as 7 (if a child can sleep on the sofa). It does have a standard dvd player now. A landowner would have to initiate the contract and be ultimately responsible for payment. The cabin rents for $50/day for up to 4 persons, $5/day for each additional person, and a deposit of $100. There is also a $25/stay cleaning fee. The landowner would also be responsible for any damages to cabin or contents. Click here to see Pictures of the water man's cabin

Click here to see information about outside burning.

This site is intended to serve SPLOA members as a central source for dispensing and sharing information including newsletters, for-sale notices and bylaws. We will post photos and links to other sites with information pertinent to SPLOA members.
If you have any comments, suggestions, photos, for-sale ads, etc. please send them to the curator, Henry Ford. We are also looking for SPLOA and Spanish Peaks historical information to put in the SPLOA history section.

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Last revised: September 24, 2014